10 Special Tips for Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

The time from a child’s birth to 28 days is called the Neonatal period. This period is very important for your Baby.

You may worry that how to take care of a newborn baby as a new parent. Don’t worry about this. If you follow these special 10 tips for taking care of a newborn baby, you will effortlessly find a better solution to take care of your baby.

Go through the article to learn tips on how to take care of a newborn baby.

10 Special Tips for Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

Washing Your Hands

At first, you have to wash your hands before coming in contact with your baby. You can use a germicide hand wash. Even when you change a diaper, you must be clean your hands.

Because “All any child’s needs is the protection of loving parents and alternative source of information” (Robert Brault)


After a few times of the birth of your newborn, you should ensure breastfeeding as early as possible because it is very important to protect her from various complexities.

In the mothers breastfeed, a baby gets a lot of nutrition that is very essential for your baby’s growth and thrives. A premature newborn baby should breastfeed than a normal neonatal baby. So, don’t compromise to breastfeed your infant.

Adequate Sleep

A neonatal baby needs enough sleep for as long as 16 hours. Sometimes your infant may sleep for a long time without eating. Don’t worry because sleeping is not less important than eating. Just ensure that whether your baby takes a peaceful sleep or not.

Occasionally we see that a new child cries for a long time, he doesn’t sleep. Newborn baby crying is a common issue to express their demands. So, try to soothe your infant by fulfilling her basic needs such as feeding, swaddling, dirty diaper changing, burping, keeping the home atmosphere calm, etc.

So, ensure your baby’s secured sleep to ensure her proper development. Robert Gallagher said,” Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed”

Skin Caring

We know that the skin of a newborn baby is extremely sensitive. So, as a mom, you should know how to take care of your newborn skin.

After birth, many babies may have dry skin. So, parents may want to use lotion or oil on it. But it can often cause an allergic reaction.

That’s why you need not use any cosmetics for your newborn baby. Just keep her in a clean, safe and peaceful environment to nourish. “Your children need your presence more than your presents” (Jesse Jackson)

Nail Caring

Usually, a child’s nail grows fast. As a parent, you should notice whether your baby hits her skin with a sharp nail or not. You should cut her nail when it grows to avoid any unwanted hurting.

But remember to be careful when you are cutting her nail. Choose the time to cut your baby’s nail during his sleeping. It is better to use a nail cutter washed by germicide mixed water.

Eye Caring

Sometimes, grime may fall in the newborn baby’s eye. Here, you need to know how to clean baby eyes to take care of them properly.

You should gently clean your baby’s eyes from the inner side corner to the outer side corner by using warmly soak cotton balls. Use a fresh cotton ball to wipe each eye to avoid any type of infection.

Umbilical Cord Caring

Knowing all about the umbilical cord care may help you to avoid any infection in your infant’s belly button. You should keep your baby’s umbilical cord dry. No need to use any soap, oil or lotion to care for the area of the umbilical cord because they are not suitable for this.

Just gently clean the area with a clean wet cloth and pat it dry by a fresh cotton cloth every day. Remember, never try to pull the umbilical cord when it is dry and only hanging by a thread. Let it fall naturally.

Dress of Newborn Baby

Usually, a newborn baby wants the warmth of the womb that she felt. So, to provide a womb-like feeling and make a proper transition of your newborn in this world, you have to swaddle your infant. Always use a comfortable, breathable and hip healthy swaddle blanket to swaddle.

In a word, you should dress your baby properly without any compromise with her comport. Plus, your newborn baby generally should wear one more layer of the cloth than you do.

Bath of Newborn Child

Until the umbilical cord falls off, it’s better to have a sponge bath with lukewarm water for your baby. You should gather all necessary things such as a towel, washcloth, baby soap, shampoo, baby’s dress, etc. before you begin.

When umbilical cord falls, a real bath or tub bath will be fine. You should gently rub the baby’s body with a soft cotton washcloth and wash with lukewarm water to clean.

Final Verdict

When a baby is born, thousands after thousands of dreams peep into the mind of the parents. That’s why they are always worried, how to take care of their baby.

In fact, a newborn baby is very sensitive to handle especially during the first few weeks after birth. So, it’s normal to feel worried to handle your newborn baby if you are the first time mom.

Just follow the above-mentioned tips for taking care of a newborn baby to promote your baby’s good health and growth.

Believe me, you ‘ll be a pro to care for your infant within a few weeks because you are a mother, the most reliable person to your baby.

Well, take care of your baby and yourself to enjoy every moment with her.

Best of luck!

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