5 Rainbow Baby Stories After Miscarriage

We have some feelings that make us sad. But, yes! if we can express those feelings to someone who can realize and support us, our depression decreases naturally. Well, let’s know what is rainbow baby and rainbow baby stories after miscarriage to boost yourself…

What is Rainbow Baby

Rainbow baby is a term that represents a healthy baby that is born to the parents who have a previous loss a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, or neonatal death naturally.

What are Rainbow Babies and from where the idea has come? Well, the term “ Rainbow Baby “ has come from the idea of a rainbow that appears in the sky after a storm to give us hope. Like that, a rainbow baby also shows the parents the light of happiness in the darkness.

However, a rainbow baby comes after a rainbow pregnancy that passes through a complex emotion of fear, pleasure, and guilt.

 Though the parents become overwhelmed with a rainbow baby, they often mention the lost baby as an “angel” and remember and honor her through their rainbow baby.

Why is a Rainbow Baby Special

Only those parents can feel the pain of losing a baby, who has lost one. For them, a rainbow baby brings a speechless source of hope, joy, happiness, and healing after a very difficult time.

In fact, a rainbow baby is like a priceless treasure or miracle to their parents that helps them to renew their life to lead.

It is the normal process of nature that helps you to overcome your feelings over your lost pregnancy by the time. Again, you can’t carry the sad feelings with you always. Take your time to overcome it.

Moreover, you get the way to remember your lost baby when your rainbow baby is born safely on this earth. 

When your rainbow baby grows, sharing your story with her will help you to heal together. 

Eventually, your rainbow baby can feel your deep feelings for how special they are to you!

What Is The Emotion of a Rainbow Baby

No! There is no perfect answer to this question.

Actually, having a rainbow baby soon after a loss brings complex and mixed emotions for a woman such as fear, anxiety, grief, and guilt along with joy, excitement, and relief.

In fact, the rainbow pregnancy, the birth, and the newborn stage of a rainbow baby create complicated emotions in the parents. They may swing between the pleasure of having a rainbow baby and the fear that they may miscarry or lose the new baby too.

In this case, you can consult with a doctor who knows your history and you should follow the advice for safe pregnancy which will be supportive to recover your fear and tension.

Some women may disclose early about their rainbow pregnancy to family and friends to get emotional support throughout the pregnancy journey.

On the contrary, some may not want to disclose the news earlier to others to avoid difficult comments and conversations. Woman to woman is varied and it’s entirely your right to do what you want.

Anyways, after losing a baby you may feel guilty for your rainbow pregnancy and rainbow baby as you are excited and happy with it, and thus, you forget and dishonor your lost baby.

 But it is not a matter to feel guilty because a rainbow pregnancy and baby doesn’t mean that you have forgotten the lost baby. Rather, your new baby is a symbol of love and hope through which you can honor and remember your lost infant.

However, it is normal and natural for the parents to feel such mixed emotions after a loss. Again, it is also important to take care of yourself and manage your anxiety and fear with the support of your partner, family members, and friends and connect with others who have experienced a loss, if you are rainbow pregnant.

You can also get help by consulting with a counselor, or a mental health professional to manage the time if it is difficult.

For advanced support, there are some nice organizations such as Pregnancy After Loss Support or Dr. Jessika Zucer’s ‘ I Had a Miscarriage” website.

How to Monitor My Rainbow Baby

Obviously, you should be alert during your pregnancy. Consult with your doctor regularly who knows your history. The doctor may offer you some tests to ensure that your infant is growing safely in the womb which is really comfortable to know for a mom.

Plus, at the time the doctor can trace out your underlying problems if you have any complications. Then, the doctor will take the necessary steps to treat and advise you with some instructions to follow. 

Thus, regular careful monitoring and taking healthy food during pregnancy will be helpful to bring your rainbow baby to full term.

Counting kicks is important and generally starts around 28 weeks. You can also monitor your rainbow baby’s health at home by counting the baby’s kicks in the womb at the same time each day.

Learn from your doctor what’s normal for your baby and be alert about your baby’s movements in the womb.

Contact your doctor without any delay if you notice any change in your baby’s movements.

Watch this video to learn how to prevent future pregnancy loss and miscarriage…

5 Rainbow Baby Stories After Miscarriage

Though it may be impossible to fully recover from your loss, and pain, it can be helpful to know the story of the moms who have lost a baby and are trying for a rainbow pregnancy and expecting a rainbow baby.

Nobody can explain the experience of losing a baby and having a rainbow baby better than the parents who have experienced such an emotional clash.

Here are some stories of real moms about their lost angel and rainbow baby:

1. Anna Jackson’s Rainbow Baby Story

3 years ago, I miscarried twice in the same year, both in the first trimester. During my first pregnancy, one day I felt a pain in my lower abdomen at night and noticed bleeding when it was 9 weeks.

Gradually the pain reached its peak as well as bleeding too. I took medicine to heal my pain which was given by my doctor over the phone.

After some time, my pain healed but I lost my first symbol of love….

Then, after 4 months, I became pregnant for the second time. I was really happy and worried at the same time.

Unfortunately, I had to go through the same bitter experience and that time it happened at 7 weeks of my pregnancy.

 Those days were the darkest days in my life, I couldn’t think of anything without that issue and always remained in a gloomy mood. Even I couldn’t laugh rightly.

One thing always grasped me that I may never be a mother and enjoy the priceless innocent laughing of my blood.

Then, we consulted a fertility specialist who finally traced out the reason for my miscarriages and treated us both husband and wife.

3o weeks pregnancy
3o weeks pregnancy

Keeping all the pains behind, now I am pregnant at 30 weeks with a little boy. By the grace of God, my baby is healthy and there is no complicacy in my pregnancy and with my baby.

2. Julia Heather’s Rainbow Baby Story

It was a pleasure for me that my baby was okay in my womb according to the first ultrasound at 6 weeks but we lost it at 13 weeks, 3 years ago.

 Everything was going normally but gradually I felt a physical change. 

  I had no vomiting tendency, morning sickness as well as no symbol of pregnancy at all. Then I consult with my doctor. 

My doctor gave me some tests to observe my physical condition.

The doctor didn’t tell me anything but to take full bed rest for 15 days and an ultrasound afterward.

After 15 days when I took an ultrasound, it disclosed that my baby is no more. The news hit me like a bullet. What I would tell my son who was 6 years old.   

He always forced me to have a baby. He likes babies very much still now. 

As I have to be very busy for job purposes, I made a delay for the second issue. But unfortunately, I lost my baby. 

I was speechless to my kid as if I failed to give him a baby as a gift.     

Then it took many days for our trying to get a baby, but all were in vain.

Actually, I just eagerly wanted to see how my son would interact and play with his upcoming sister or brother. 

I left my job and began to take care of my son. Besides, I consulted a doctor who observed my health through some tests and prescribed me some medicines to improve my fertility. 

Now I am blessed with my second baby boy of 3 months old. My son who is 9 years old now, is very happy and spends much of her time with her little bro. 

Two brothers spend time together
Two brothers spend time together

Now, I am happy after getting a rainbow baby and completing my son’s dream by the grace of God.    

3. Emma’s Rainbow Baby Story

Nothing to be worried about rather everything was going on smoothly.

I was enjoying the time to its fullest after my marriage. 

We were very happy and planning for a baby after we had come back from our tour.

And I conceived too without any complicacy and delay. It was our thinking to make our life fulfill with the laughing of lots of children.

As I married my boyfriend, we planned not to make any delay to be mom and dad. We maintained it exactly.

We were so excited that we would be able to get the biggest gift of the almighty.

Honestly, I didn’t feel any complex or worse change in my physical condition during my pregnancy. But still, now I can’t make my mind recover from the loss of my baby, which I faced at 25 weeks. 

Even at 24 weeks, I was feeling a slight movement of my baby in my womb. When she began to move, it was just a heavenly feeling.

Actually, it can’t be explained in words. But all happiness turned into unspeakable pain. At 25 weeks I felt severe pain in the lower portion of my womb and visited my doctor at the hospital. 

Gradually I was missing the moment of my baby. My heart shrank if anything was wrong with my baby.

My fate betrayed me. At the hospital, I delivered the baby normally but he was no more. I lost everything before being showered by the best gift of life.

What should I say? I began to feel guilty as if I made any great mistake to be punished.

Moreover, some gift boxes made me more sorry that I gathered for my upcoming baby. 

My husband and family members supported me a lot. But I couldn’t manage myself.  

It took a long time to manage myself but not completely, though it is impossible to recover from the loss with anything in this world.

However, my doctor advised me to wait for at least 6 months for our effort to be conceived again.

Then we tried for the 7th month but we failed. The same failure we faced in the 8th month. 

The good news is that we saw two pink lines in the baby checker in the 9th month after losing our first baby.

This time I was more careful about my pregnancy and often visited my doctor to ensure my baby’s health in my womb.

Even this time I didn’t take any preparation to welcome my coming baby out of my anxiety as I may face another loss. 

However, I say that fortunately, we are gifted a healthy rainbow baby girl by the Almighty on 6 June 2019.

Yes, it is true that our rainbow baby has changed our life. She pulled us from the dark. 

But we will never forget our first baby. He is an angel to us who will be waiting in heaven for us and we will meet him there!! 

4. Silvia’s Rainbow Baby Story

My rainbow baby girl was born on 12 January 2020 without any medication. Now, we are leading our life with our healthy girl. Our girl is our fulfillment as if we have got the moon in our hand.

But at the same time, we feel deep grief and lack that can’t be recovered by anything in this world.

Actually, I don’t know how I should start to express my feelings of loss. Frequently I think to myself that if I had a miscarriage in my first trimester, I may convince my heart.

But it would be a punishable misdeed if I try to make my heart calm after losing a baby just before 2 days from its fixed date to delivery.

I can remember clearly, that it was 7 June 2016, and we were preparing to go to the hospital on 9 June 2016.    

But gradually I was feeling my whole abdomen heavier than other times as if I was carrying a stone in my belly. 

Even, I was missing the movement of my baby in my womb.

As I felt no pain, I observed for some hours to feel the movement of the baby.

Actually, such type of happenings occurred to me 2 or 3 times during the third trimester of my pregnancy and I felt the movement after some time.

I couldn’t understand that it was my great mistake to take the issue normally and consequently, I had to pay tremendously for this.

That evening, I was feeling a pain that became severe within a short span of time. Out of pain I became restless and at the same time out of tension.

What was happening??? 

Was my baby okay??? 

But all my tension and pain came to an end when I normally delivered a dead baby in the car while we were going to the hospital.

I became senseless and didn’t know what happened next. Lying in the hospital bed of the hospital my senses came back.

My husband and relatives were beside me to support me though they were shocked too.

They buried my baby in the graveyard. I rushed out to go to my baby. My relatives were trying to manage me but all in vain.

My doctor advised me to be calm otherwise my health will be hampered to be a mom again.

I got the advice but is it possible for me to make myself calm after such a loss.

If I was not the victim of this misfortune, my baby was in my lap. I just can’t express what was my condition at that time.

Everything became useless to me. According to my doctor’s advice, we tried to get pregnant after 6 months. But we failed every time.

Actually, the time was very difficult. My family members, relatives, and colleagues didn’t ask me anything about this issue as they were trying to make me forget the topic.

This pretentious hurt me and revive my pain more.

However, after two years of useless effort, God blessed me to conceive again. I was anxious during the whole pregnancy as if something odd might happen.

I am grateful to my God as my rainbow baby girl is alive and growing with proper health.

5. Sakaya’s  rainbow Baby Story  

The feelings of my miscarriage were devastating. I always wanted to be a mom to a lot of children. After 3 years of our son’s birth, we tried again to be parents willingly.

Yeh! I conceived easily but failed to carry the pregnancy any longer as I miscarried it at 11 weeks. My all dreams ended in smoke.

In the same year, 4 months later, I got pregnant for the third time. I was happy and worried at the same time as if something wrong would happen to me.

My bad dream came true. I miscarried for the second time at 8 weeks.

Honestly, my second miscarriage was the bitterest experience for me. My life partner and relatives supported me always.

But is support enough to make up for the inner pain?

In Fact, I understand but my heart didn’t want to understand the situation.

Our son is our only treasure on earth. I couldn’t think that he would have no brother and sister in the world. I would never hear the sound “mom” from my second child and couldn’t fulfill my family with lots of children. These feelings hurt me more.

My workplace became useless for me as I didn’t get any inspiration to work. And even I couldn’t take care of my son, Brody,  properly. 

And it was very difficult for me to send him to daycare.   

After some days of this jumble situation in my mind, I thought to myself “What’s going on? I should try to manage myself, at least for my son, my family.”

Meeting a therapist and joining myself in a support group for pregnancy and infant loss was really helpful to recover from my condition.

From the group, I got the idea to see a fertility specialist who traced out the reason for my miscarriages.

The percentage of hemoglobin in my blood was very low than the general requirement which is 12-16 gm/dl.

However, my doctor advised me on some particular food and medicine to enrich my hemoglobin level.

All these worked wonderfully and my blood was blessed with a normal hemoglobin stage.

Consequently, I saw 2 pink lines the next month.

I was excited because my problem was traced out and treated. But unfortunately, around 16 weeks my problem again arose that came out due to a routine check-up.

All types of tension were sucking my mental energy. I tried to be mentally strong but failed after just a few moments.

I am very grateful to my doctor as he treated me at an advanced level and helped me to continue my pregnancy to the full term and deliver my baby normally.

The fun of two brothers
The fun of two brothers

Now I am playing with my rainbow son, Kevin who is 1 year old with healthy growth. The two brothers’ loving scenes are just enjoyable and can’t be explained in words!!!

Share your story in the comment box below and let us know your feelings…

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