Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush Review-2020, Soft & Safe for Baby Oral Care

I was concern about how to take care of my baby, especially his teeth because baby’s teeth get spoiled for the lack of right care. But surprisingly, using Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush for my son’s dental care who is 4 now, I found the toothbrush is safe to use.

And, this safety issue has persuaded me to write a review about this  toothbrush.

So, today, I am sharing my experience with this toothbrush. Let’s get an idea about this toothbrush.

Johnson's Baby Toothbrush
Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush

Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush Review-2020

From the very beginning, I properly take care of fragile gums of my son. I used a soft clean wet cloth to clean my son’s gums and new teeth with my fingertip after breastfeeding or extra feeding.

However, when my son reached at 1 year, I felt that I should use the best toothbrush for his teeth. There were so many baby toothbrushes of various brands in the supermarket.

But I chose Johnson’s Baby toothbrush for my son’s oral care because I noticed, its bristles are very soft which is suitable for my son’s delicate gums and teeth.

The toothbrush is worked as I expected. Since then, I have been using this toothbrush for my son’s dental care.


  • Safe for oral care.
  • Have ultra-soft bristles which are gentle on baby’s gums & teeth.
  • Bristles are made of high-quality nylon
  • Special thumb groove makes handling easy for mother and baby.
  • Has a broad handle makes sure a baby’s safety.
  • Flexible neck absorbs extra pressure to spread all over the baby’s teeth.
  • Cleans hard – to – reach areas with the help of easy-grip angles.


  • Gentle and soft on baby’s gums.
  • Cleanses baby’s teeth properly, even hard to reach areas..
  • Comfortable to use for a little baby.
  • Moves in baby’s mouth easily.
  • Easily available online and offline.


  • Need to replace the toothbrush every one and a half or two months.

Best Baby Toothbrush

This toothbrush gently cleanses my son’s teeth and gums. Even it cleanses hard to reach areas also. This toothbrush has a flexible neck by which excessive pressure spreads all over his teeth.

Johnson's Baby Toothbrush
Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush

Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush is very lightweight and its bristles are made with ultra-soft TYNEX which are very gentle on the babies’ delicate gums and teeth.

My baby’s little hands can easily hold this toothbrush because it has special thumb groove for which the toothbrush doesn’t slip off the babies’ hands.

Besides, it has a broad handle which is easily manageable for the babies and the mothers. Its flexible head nicely fits in my son’s mouth and moves easily to clean his gums and teeth.

One thing I face with this toothbrush is that I have to replace my son’s toothbrush every one and a half or 2 months as he chews on the bristles which become tend to fray.

In fact, I don’t mind about it because my son has a good habit of using Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush to clean his teeth and gums.

So, if you want to make your baby brush his teeth regularly with a super soft and flexible baby toothbrush, then just try Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush for your baby’s delicate gums and teeth.


Use a pea-size amount of toothpaste containing fluoride. Gently brush not only the front teeth but also the teeth hiding in the back too. Then, rinse thoroughly with Luke warm water.


For this toothbrush, it costs Rs.33.Which is quite affordable for all consumers.

For whom

It can be used by the kids between 1 to 5 years of age.

Johnson's Baby Toothbrush
Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush

My Rating



Johnson’s Baby Toothbrush is very safe to use for babies’ delicate gums and teeth. It is extremely soft and easily manageable for a little baby. My son doesn’t get any hurt by using this toothbrush. As a result, he wants to brush his teeth willingly because he likes this toothbrush.

In a nut shell, I am happy with this toothbrush. Obviously, this best baby toothbrush will make you happy if you use it for your sweet baby’s oral care.

Best of Luck

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