Johnson Baby Powder Review-2021, Best Baby Powder

“Johnson’s Baby Powder”, this product reminds me of a memory of happiness. Because I got it as a bridal gift from my husband. Am I a baby? No! Never!  How could he gift me this baby powder? But surprisingly, I am quite satisfied with this Baby powder. Now I am using this powder for my babies. Let me express my review about Johnson Baby Powder and get an idea of how the product it is!!!

Johnson's Baby Powder
Johnson’s Baby Powder

Johnson Baby Powder Review-2021

As “Johnson’s Baby Powder” was a gift of love, I couldn’t but use it. I used it on my body after taking a bath for freshens myself. I felt my skin soft, smooth, and fresh.

Being surprised, I noticed how nicely this baby powder freshens me!!! I felt comfortable with it. Its nice mild scent gives me an especial feeling like a baby.

Since then, I have been using “Johnson’s Baby Powder” for myself. Still today, it keeps my skin soft, fresh and oil-free. It also gives my body a dry and cool feeling with sweet-smelling. It suits me well. So, it’s the best baby powder to me.

My skin is a normal type. But in summer, my face becomes light oily. So, I use Johnson Baby Powder with a light hand on my face after using my regular cream. It keeps my face fresh and oil-free for a long time. I don’t get any skin problem by using this baby powder.

Use for babies

I use it to refresh my son (who is 6 now) after taking a bath. He feels very comfortable with. Even, I have to massage his back with this powder before sleep at night. It gives him a dry and fresh feeling and helps to sleep soundly.

Though  I have a big pack of Johnson’s  Baby Powder, I got 4 bottles as a gift for Namro( my newborn). Namro is 7 months now.

Summer has come and I use this powder for Namro to freshen her after taking a bath. It keeps her delicate skin soft, dry and fresh besides protecting her from extra moisture& keeps her skin soft and supple. It leaves her skin with a nice smelling that stays for a long time.

I also use Johnson’s Baby powder for Namro, before and after wearing diaper which protects her from rash and keeps fresh.

Johnson’s Baby Powder is safe, gentle and mild which is proven clinically. It is also free from harmful ingredients and does not cause any skin problem or irritation. That is why; you can use Johnson baby powder for your baby as well as yourself without any hesitation.

Johnson's Baby Powder
Johnson’s Baby Powder

So, Johnson’s Baby Powder is a nice product which can be used not only for babies but also for adults. I have to use this powder consciously for my baby girl to avoid unwanted inhalation in her nose& mouth which can cause breathing problems.

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It is very easy to use. Just shake the powder onto your clean and dry skin, rub it gently and stay fresh for a long time. For baby, it is safe to sprinkle the powder onto your hand before applying to baby’s skin.

Johnson's Baby Powder
Johnson’s Baby Powder


The powder can be used for 2 years from its manufacturing date.

Price & Quantity

It costs you Rs. 75 for 100g which is affordable.


Talc, Fragrance, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid.

Skin type

It is a very mild and gentle powder that suits for the babies of all skin types.


This powder is specially designed for babies’ delicate skin. The granules are so soft and smooth that it blends on the skin easily.  This powder is white in color with a nice mild fragrance.


This powder is available in a white plastic bottle with a rotating cap that has holes by which the powder comes out. The packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly. But it is very simple and plain packaging as a baby product.

Johnson's Baby Powder
Johnson’s Baby Powder

Pros of Johnson’s Baby Powder

  • Protect baby’s skin from excess moisture.
  • It is safe, mild and gentle.
  • Keeps babies’ skin dry& fresh.
  • Can be found in different sizes.
  • It is suitable for adults too.
  • A very nice fragrance which gives you a nice feeling.


For me, the packaging is not attractive for a baby.

My Rating



Johnson’s Baby Powder is an excellent product not only for babies but also for adults. It safely protects babies’ skin from extra moisture without any irritation. Besides, its mildness is clinically proven. By using this powder for my babies’ skincare, I am satisfied. So, if you want such a safe and mild baby powder for your baby, then, I recommend you “Johnson’s Baby Powder” for your baby.

(Best of Luck)

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