Why Husband Gets Angry When Baby Cries [3 Easy Solutions]

So, what can you do when your husband gets angry when baby cries? 

Well! Listen…

Taking care of a baby can be very tricky sometimes. Especially if you are a new parent there’s a strong possibility that you would face a hard time coping with the baby and its behavior. 

But that’s quite normal. I mean, nobody is born with the experience of being a parent. Right? 

All of us learn our way through as time passes by. Over time, you definitely would want your baby and his father to get more connected. And your husband’s constant anger towards the baby doesn’t help much in this case. That’s what this article is all about. 

Just go through the article thoroughly and you’ll find all the answers you need to know when it comes to your husband getting angry at your baby when he cries. 

Try To Talk First Before Jumping To Any Conclusion 

Before you start yelling at your husband and start blaming him, first try to figure out why he’s getting angry. Like I’ve said before, being a parent can be a hard job sometimes. 

So it’s very normal for the husband to become scared of all the responsibility and work that comes on his shoulder with the baby. And this can happen with the wife too, not just the husband. 

It really shouldn’t be fair to start yelling at him and blaming him for everything. We need to understand that they also go through a lot. Taking care of the baby and also maintaining a job can be a big headache. 

Plus naturally, husbands don’t have that motherly care inside of them. Yes, they do love the baby with all their heart and soul but naturally, they struggle a little bit when it comes to maintaining a kid.

If you see your husband mad at a crying baby or your husband has no patience with a baby or perhaps your husband gets stressed when the baby cries, don’t start to beat your husband up! 

Stay calm, ask him what’s bothering him, and come up with a solution. Plus, try to soothe your crying baby patiently. There can be multiple reasons why your husband gets angry at your baby. Some of which are discussed below. 

Why Your Husband Gets Angry When Baby Cries

Well, one of the main reasons behind the issue is that your husband may not be fully prepared to become a father. 

When a baby is born every man thinks that “hey, he’s just a little fella! how hard could it be to take care of him?” But that little fella can cause some big trouble in his life. You see, babies don’t understand deadlines or pressure from the boss. 

They also don’t understand depression and things like that. When you have a big workload and your baby keeps crying for hours and hours at late nights it’s pretty normal to lose your mind at some points, like— 

1. Depression And Hormonal Changes

Postpartum depression is something that a man could also have. And he also faces hormonal changes inside his body too. Although these changes are in small numbers than in women. 

All these changes in hormones and having trouble coping with a new lifestyle cause depression to form which ultimately comes out as anger. 

2. Self-Esteem

Husbands also start to question themselves and their worth. They begin to think if they are incapable of understanding what their baby needs. 

I mean, he is trying so hard, giving all of his efforts so that the understanding between him and the baby develops but nothing seems to work. He starts questioning his parenting ability and this slowly leads to anger and anxiety.

3. Workload

Sometimes this anger can get really out of hand and husbands become too much frustrated. They just can’t take it anymore. 

All this pressure from work and when he returns home to get some peace he is joined by a loud crying baby. All of this makes him do stupid things like blame his wife for every single problem in his life or maybe even punch the wall once or twice. 

If things do get serious like this it is always advised to take an anger management class or see a therapist. It’ll certainly help to reduce the anger and cope more with the baby’s crying situation. 

How To Control Anger When You See a Baby Crying

If you face scenarios like your husband gets angry when a toddler cries, it’s pretty normal for you to become angry at him. But before going completely crazy on him, first, try to understand why he is acting like this.

After that, try to provide him with some solutions. Followings are a few things that you both could try to control your anger when you see your baby crying. 

1. Take a Deep Breath

Whenever you hear your baby cry and you feel anger is slowly bubbling inside yourself start taking a deep breath. It’ll help to calm your nervous system. 

Always remember, he’s still a baby. He won’t understand all the problems and difficulties you have to face in a day to day life. So, just take a few long and deep breaths. It’ll help you to calm yourself down. 

2. Take Sensory Breaks Now and Then

We all know that robots can work continuously. But we are not robots. We, humans, need a break and rest to ease ourselves and a peaceful state of mind. 

So, if your anger pops up just try to keep yourself as calm as possible. If the mother is not around and tries to put the baby in a safe place, make sure you have fed and changed him. 

If your husband is around then just give the baby to his hand and find an empty room. After you have entered the room, lock all the doors and windows and turn off the light. Just close your eyes and sit down for a few moments. 

Don’t think about the baby or anything else in those moments. Just relax completely, and give yourself time. This would help you a lot to calm yourself and also your anger too. 

Also, if you are the kind of person who is a little bit sensitive to lights and noise or has some anxiety or depression this method could help you with those problems. 

Take these sensory breaks even when the baby is not crying and you’ll find that you are much more comfortable around the baby when he is crying and not get angry easily. 

3. Give A Quick Mind Check If You Are Okay With Your NESTS

NESTS is the abbreviated form of nutrition, exercise, sleep, time for self, and support. All of these things are vital to keeping a positive mindset and control over your anger.

  • Nutrition: Make sure you are eating regularly. Your food must have one or two items which include vegetables and fruits. They’ll help a lot to continue your nutrition flow.
  • Exercise: Make sure you are performing some sort of physical exercise. There is countless scientific evidence that claims there’s a strong connection between being well mentally and physical exercise. 
  • Sleep: Sleep is essential for anyone if they want a calm and composed mental state. It is not that easy to sleep after the baby is born because he needs constant attention. But try to ensure you are getting at least 4 hours of sleep at night.
  • Time For Self: Giving yourself time also plays a big role to keep calm. Question yourself, when was the last time you gave time to yourself and didn’t do any kind of baby-related stuff? If the answer is long ago then start giving yourself a little bit of time too.
  • Support: Talk to people you are comfortable with. Share with them what you are going through and how you feel. It’ll calm you down a lot. And maybe they can provide you with some good suggestions on how to overcome this issue. 

Watch this video to learn how to calm a crying baby in seconds.


1. How can I control my anger when my baby cries?

Take some time alone with yourself. Put the baby in a safe place or in someone’s hand. Go to an empty room and take a sensory break. It helps a lot to calm yourself down.

2. Why does the sound of a baby crying make me angry?

Because when a baby cries we sometimes think like maybe it’s our fault the baby is crying. We blame ourselves for not understanding our baby’s needs. This leads to anxiety and anger. 

3. Do couples fight more after the arrival of a baby?

Yes, there’s a good possibility of couples having big arguments on multiple topics after the baby arrives. Even statistics say the same. 

4. Can yell at a baby be harmful?

Yes, research suggests that yelling can be harmful to the baby. It’s equivalent to hitting them. And because of this, the baby could face various kinds of behavior problems and other issues too.

5. Do babies remember if you yell at them?

Yes, babies do remember if you yell at them. They remember things that they see. So, if they see your anger they’ll remember it and it’ll also affect them too.

6. Do babies stop crying if you ignore them?

Usually, a baby cries or whines to catch our attention. So, people who are close to them start ignoring them then they’ll eventually stop crying at some point. 


Being a parent can be a really hard task. Both for the mother and the father of the child. So, husbands who naturally don’t have the motherly instinct that a woman has can easily be triggered. 

As a result, anger would start to form inside of them whenever they hear them cry. This may seem something not to worry about much in the first place but could become big trouble if it happens regularly. 

So, if your husband gets angry when the baby cries don’t worry much. Just follow the instructions provided in this article and you shouldn’t face much trouble with the issue. 

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