7 Easy Tips on How to Swaddle a Baby to Provide Womb Warmth

You have become a mother for the first time. A big congratulation!! But your newborn’s constant crying is making you tensed.


Don’t worry. It’s because your newborn baby is missing the comfort that was provided by the warmth inside the womb.

So, to calm your baby, learn how to swaddle a baby properly by following 7 easy tips.

As a result, you can also provide comfortable warmth by simple swaddling that will soothe your newborn. Well, let’s know everything about how to swaddle a baby smoothly.

What is Swaddling?

Swaddling is the mimicry of the womb that creates adequate warmth to make you are newborn feel comfortable and adapt to the environment of the earth.

Swaddling is nothing but wrapping your newborn in warm clothes or swaddling a blanket to keep her warm that she felt in the womb.

A newborn begins to cry when she is born and it is swaddling that helps to stop her crying, providing the warmth like a womb.

So, swaddling is one of the most important cares of your newborn that really works magically to soothe her in the first few weeks.

Why is Swaddling Important?

In the first few weeks, to give your newborn a comfortable and secure feeling, swaddling is a must. Swaddling is important because it provides a newborn-

  • Keeps a baby at the right temperature that she felt in the womb. Choose a swaddling blanket to ensure proper air circulation and temperature such as a cotton or muslin cloth,s blanket.
  • Gives a newborn womb-like feeling that makes her feel comfortable and settle down faster.
  • Prevents the baby’s own startling reflex from placing her arms firmly on her both sides. Because of startling reflex, a baby wakes up suddenly which can increase her heart rate. Even, if your baby gets startled after being swaddled, she will not wake suddenly.
  • Secure a newborn from suffocation that may be caused by loose blankets, a pillow that could lead to SID (Sudden Infant Death).
  • Helps to make up a newborn adapt to the atmosphere on the earth.

Well, swaddling is important for your baby. Right! But obviously, you should select a swaddling blanket that is suitable for your baby.

Besides, you have to learn how to swaddle your baby on time, ensuring her comfort.

How to Swaddle a Baby to Provide Warmth like the Womb

While swaddling your newborn, you have to consider three things – the newborn’s comfort, her mood to be swaddled, and the selection of a suitable swaddling blanket.

You should swaddle your newborn baby properly to avoid hip dysplasia that is caused by improper tight swaddling.

To prevent hip dysplasia, while swaddling just place the newborn’s arms close to the body and keep enough room at the bottom of the swaddling blanket so that your baby can move her legs well.

There are different ways to swaddle a baby but here is the easiest one.

So, Let’s know how to swaddle a baby following some easy steps.

Choose a Suitable Swaddling Blanket

  • For your baby’s comfort, choose a blanket considering its size (should be 40” x 40”), shape (should be square), material, and thickness.
how to swaddle a baby
Suitable Swaddling Blanket

Fold the Blanket

  • Fold the top corner of the blanket down in a diamond shape on a flat surface.
  • The folding part should be as long as your baby is.

Place your Baby on the Blanket

  • Place your baby on her back on the folding blanket.
  • The Baby’s neck and face should be placed above the folding.
  • While placing, support baby’s neck and head.

Place Baby’s Arms

  • Fold baby’s arms on the chest to replicate the posture in the womb. Or you can hold your baby’s arms around the sides.
  • Use any one way to place the baby’s arms considering her comfort.

Wrap the Left Side

  • Pull the left side of the blanket and wrap it across your baby’s shoulder and chest. Then tuck it under her back of the right side which will go through under the arm.
  • Tuck the blanket under the back in such a way that places her arm properly and makes the wrap snugger.

Wrap the Bottom

After wrapping the left side of the blanket-

  • Pull up the bottom corner of the blanket and wrap it loosely over your baby’s feet and body and then, tuck the blanket under the same shoulder where you have just tucked the baby.
  • Tuck the blanket carefully to avoid getting close to the face.
  • Leave some space at the bottom that allows the baby’s legs to bend up and out naturally from her body.

Wrap the Right Side

Finally, pull the right side of the blanket, place your baby’s arm just like the left sidearm. Then, wrap the blanket across the shoulder and chest make a “V” neck, and hold with the thumb.

  • The right side wrapping should come over the folding that you have just made under the shoulder by the bottom corner of the blanket.
  • Now, wrap the resting part of the blanket up over the shoulder and under her back of the left side.
  • The finishing tuck end into the front fold.

Precautions to Follow

To make your baby’s swaddling purpose successful and to avoid hip dysplasia, follow some precautions are given below.

  • Swaddle slightly loose to keep some room around the hip and knees that allow movement of the legs of your newborn baby.
  • Don’t swaddle your newborn too loosely that can vain the purpose of swaddling.
  • Again remember, don’t swaddle her too tightly that causes uncomfortable breathing.
  • After swaddling, just check for the air circulation and the baby’s body temperature.

Now, you are an expert parent to swaddle your newborn baby. So, swaddle your little one on time to enjoy her comfort.

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For how long should I Swaddle My Baby?

It is better to swaddle your baby until three or four months. As swaddling makes a baby feel comfortable and settle down while sleeping, some doctors recommend swaddling a baby until four to six months.

And some parents prefer to swaddle their babies until eight to nine months.

However, there is no harm if you extend your baby’s swaddling to calm her. After all, it is an idea to make your baby feel relax and comfortable while sleeping.

But you should stop swaddling when your baby gets used to sleeping without swaddling.

To test, whether your baby is ready to sleep without swaddling or not, make her sleep without swaddling.

If she seems uncomfortable and isn’t sleeping well, then she is not ready to sleep without swaddling. So, swaddle her back.

But remember, you should not continue swaddling after nine months of your baby and firmly try to make her sleep without swaddling.

When should I avoid swaddling My Baby?

Swaddling is not needed all the time when your baby is one month old. You should avoid swaddling at some specific times and cases.

  • Don’t swaddle your baby when she is awake, alert, and tries to play or move. Just swaddle her when you are trying to soothe her or make her sleep.
  • Avoid swaddling, if your baby is suffering from hip dysplasia, an abnormal bone formation in the section for which the bone does not fit well in the socket. In this case; visit your baby’s doctor and ensure that your baby is ready to swaddle.

Good! Now you have enough confidence that you can make your baby feel comfort and warmth like womb through swaddling which she may miss in the new atmosphere.

So, swaddle your little one on time and enjoy her happier and healthier life.

Best of luck

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