13 Easy Tips on How to Soothe a Crying Baby to Calm in 5 Seconds

Are you struggling to soothe your crying baby even after meeting up with her basic needs?

You can’t understand exactly why she is crying and how to soothe her. Don’t worry! Here I have 13 easy tips on how to soothe a crying baby.

Applying any of these tricks, you can calm her in 5 seconds.

Best Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby
Crying Baby

13 Easy Tips on How to Soothe a Crying Baby

The baby crying is common that is her primary language to express her demands such as “I need you, mom,” “I miss the womb”, “I am suffering from pain” and so on.

Generally, crying tends to reduce after the first 3 months of your baby. But the first few weeks are chaotic; sometimes it is easy to calm down her by feeding, burping, changing a dirty diaper or your gentle touch and soft voice.

But sometimes, nothing works for soothing a crying baby because maybe she is going through colic or missing the womb.

So, if you find your baby cries after providing her primary needs, then learn how to calm a crying baby in 15 seconds from the given below tips and apply those easy tips.

You will find your crying baby gets sooth soon and feels better in an incredibly short time.

Let Your Baby Suck Fingers

Sucking is a natural soothing process that babies like to do. Sucking doesn’t fill your baby’s tummy but soothes her nerves.

So, to calm down your fussy baby-

  • Help her to suck her hands or fingers to calm her.
  • You can also give one of your clean fingers to make her suck.

Swaddle Your  Baby

Swaddle is one of the best ways to calm a crying baby. Comfortable swaddling can clam down your fussy baby because it can create a womb-like feeling which your baby may miss. So, when you find your baby gets fussy, hold her in your arms and swaddle. Very soon, you will find the baby gets calmed and relaxed.

  • Swaddling helps your infant to settle down faster and sleep longer avoiding startle reflexes.
  • While swaddling, be careful to do it properly keeping head and neck open.
  • Avoid making your baby too warm with too much extra covering.

Swing and Sing

When you are struggling with how to soothe a baby to sleep, then singing and swinging is like magic. Babies like swinging which is a mimicry of the womb.

They also like vocal sounds. So, swaddle your baby and hold her in your arms and then, gently sway and sing. The combination of this action will soothe your crying baby faster and make her sleep.

  • You can sing or recite rhymes or speak to your baby in a soft voice along with swinging.
  • Hearing your gentle voice, your baby will get confirmation that you are there with her which will help her to calm down.

Wear  Your Baby in a Front Carrier

Babies enjoy the feelings of closeness and touching. Actually, they want to be held. Wear your baby in a front carrier to console her by making listen to your heartbeat and feel your tender touch.

The carrier is also convenient for you which allows your free hands for multitasking.

  • The front carrier helps your baby to calm down by making the feelings of closeness and touching which she demands.

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Try Shushing

Shushing is a mimicry of the womb which gives your baby a feeling of still being in the womb. So, swaddle your baby and hold her in your arms before shushing.

  • Shush into your infant’s ears with ‘’Shhhhhh …………  …… Shh” sounds.
  • Alternatively, you can play a special white noise machine or mobile.
  • Shushing will help your baby to calm down making her remind of the womb.

Rock Her in a Baby Swing

At present, there are some hands-free rocking devices such as motorized baby swing, vibrating bouncy seat or automatic cradle are available in the market. To soothe your fussy baby, you can also try such a baby swing.

The gentle rocking motion along with soft music will settle down your crying baby and even he could fall asleep.

  • Before putting your baby in such swing devices, ensure your baby’s safety by following the manufacturer’s safety instructions regarding the age and weight restrictions.
  • Don’t make your baby habituated with these devices because later on your baby will become totally dependent on the motion to fall asleep.
  • Rather, it is better to transfer your baby to her bed after falling into sleep.

Involve Baby’s Daddy

Your baby is crying restlessly till midnight but you don’t know how to calm a fussy baby at night! Don’t worry. Here you can apply this exclusive technique. You know the force of nature pursuits every baby to get the touch and love of her daddy.

That is why, to calm down your crying baby, you can bring your baby’s daddy into action here. You will be surprised by the great feedback.

  • To soothe or entertain your baby, involve baby’s daddy because babies like the touch and love of daddy.
  • Babies love the change of hands which is good for both of you. While daddy is handling baby, you can take rest which will recharge you.

Entertain Your Baby

Sometimes babies cry because they feel boring. Try to entertain your baby by playing gently or showing something new. Just try to divert her concentration and see the magic.

  • Show your baby something new such as a new colorful toy, a pet, a colorful picture and play a gentle childish game to make fun.
  • She will be diverted to new things or fun and will forget about crying.

Massage and bath

Give your baby a gentle body and head massage along with your soft voice. Massaging will stimulate the receptors of your baby’s brain that will calm down her. It will also ease your baby’s tummy trouble and bring relaxation for both of you.

  • You can use special baby massage oils to massage your baby, though it is not necessary.
  • Gently massage your baby with long strokes which help to relax.
  • Bath your baby with warm water after massaging that will really settle down your fussy baby.
  • Comb her hair with a soft brush that will make her sleepy.

Help Your  Baby to Relieve Gas

Sometimes when everything is useless whatever you do to calm down your baby, it may be gas and colic which is disturbing her. In the first few weeks of life, most babies suffer from tummy ache due to gas and colic. Colic disturbs babies especially at night or late evenings which makes them sleepless and cry for a long time

To relive your baby from gas and ease the pain­-

  • Lay your baby on her back and gently push her keens against her tummy for10seconds, then release and repeat the same function.
  • Massage your baby’s tummy, around the belly button with a light hand moving clockwise.
  • Hold your baby upright, placing her abdomen on your shoulder.
  • Call your baby’s doctor, if your baby continues to have gas and suffers from colic.

Keep Overstimulation Calm

Babies are stimulated by new things like new toys, sounds, lights, people, objects, etc. But sometimes, overstimulation may create a problem for your baby because everything is completely new to her.

If overstimulation seems to be the problem, then your baby needs some quiet time.

  • Keep the room quiet with dim lighting.
  • Hold your baby in your arms, walk and add your soft voices that really help her to calm down.
  • If your baby suffers from colic, it is very important to keep the atmosphere calm and quiet in the later afternoon and evening because colic is often at its peak at this time.

Take a Car Ride

The motion will calm down your crying baby which she felt in the womb.

  • A steady car ride will settle down your crying baby faster and even she could fall asleep.
  • Make sure you strap your baby into her car seat before you drive out.

Get Outside

Want to know how to calm a crying baby in 5 seconds? Go for a walk in the park or any suitable place. Fresh air and sound of bird’s chirping can work wonders to improve your baby’s mood and yours too.

While walking, you can carry your baby by holding in your arms or a baby carrier for your convenient.

You can also carry your sweetie in a travel system stroller, a blend of the car seat with a baby stroller. Plus, you can use it not only as a car seat but also as a baby stroller. You should use a mosquito net with the baby stroller to protect your baby from mosquito and other insects.

  • Fresh outer environment and your walking motion will calm down your fussy baby.
  • She will be surprised by the outer world and become quite and may fall asleep.
  • Take the necessary preparations before getting out.
  • To carry your baby, whether you are using a carrier or a baby stroller, ensure you strap her appropriately and she is secured.

Final Verdict

Hope, now you know all about how to calm a crying baby. So, be calm and patient to handle your fussy baby and follow the above methods.

And apply one of the tips successively to calm down your crying baby, continue it at least for 5-7minutes before you shift your method to a new one.

Because quick changing of the method will only make you and your baby anxious but won’t work.

You should take care of yourself too, to be a good caretaker of your little one. If you are not feeling well to handle your fussy baby, ask for help to calm down her.

And when you cannot make your crying baby settle down by following the above methods, then contact your baby’s doctor to detect the underlying problem.

Best of luck!

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