How To Make A 5oz Bottle Of Formula [2 Easy Methods]

Being a parent is not an easy job. You need to focus on multiple things together. You not only have to take care of your baby but also look after your house and also your job. Sometimes you have to do all of these simultaneously. And, as time passes by, things could get a little bit more complicated than one might think. 

For instance, you want to start feeding your baby with formula milk. Breastfeeding is the optimal option when the baby is born. After a certain amount of time, it’s pretty normal to switch to formula milk. 

But this can be something confusing to the parents. How many scoops of formula do I put in a 5oz bottle? 

What brand should I pick? What if I add too much? There are thousands of questions like this that could pop into your head and make this process a complete nightmare. But no need to worry much because this article talks about everything that you need to know about formula milk and how to make a 5oz bottle of formula. 

Just go through it thoroughly and you’ll find all the answers you are looking for. So, without further delay let’s begin. But before we begin our discussion, first we need to know what formula milk is.

What Exactly is Formula Milk?

Formula milk, commonly known as infant milk or simple formula, is a very good substitute for breastfeeding or breast milk. This milk is mainly made from cow’s milk but sometimes there can be exceptions. 

This milk needs to be processed properly because babies who are less than a year old cannot digest unprocessed milk. 

Formula milk works as a great source of nutrients that help the baby to grow and develop. But it does have some limitations too, it doesn’t have the protection from infections that breast milk carries. 

Another important point to consider before starting to use formula milk is that it is always a good idea to feed the baby colostrum first before using formula milk. It’ll not only help the baby to get used to the milk. It comes with tons of health benefits that include an improved digestion system, improved immune system and it also helps to regulate blood sugar. 

What Formula Should You Pick for Your Baby? 

When you first enter the shop to buy formula for your kid it’s pretty normal to go completely nuts after seeing so many options available to choose from. But don’t get a panic attack already! 

Just take a breath and try to find a formula that has the level for infants or newborns printed on them. These formulas are best for babies until they are 6 months of age. 

So, pick these first. Unless of course, your doctor advises otherwise. It is also advised to continue giving this type of formula milk until the baby is a year old. Because, that’s the time when he/she would be able to take pasteurized cow milk. 

How Much Formula Do You Have to Give to Your Baby? 

When a baby is born he doesn’t eat as much as a grown-up man would do. And that’s quite normal because he is still so small. His appetite is small too. Actually, on day one the size of a baby’s stomach is like a little cherry. 

At around one week mark it grows into the size of an apricot. And a month later it looks more like a giant egg. So, a question might pop into your head: what’s the exact amount of formula milk to feed this little tummy? 

The following baby formula measurement chart will help you to figure the right amount of formula you need to feed your baby. 

Age of babyWeight of babyScoops of powderWater volumeFeeds per 24 hours
0-2 weeks7.3 lbs2 scoops2 fl oz5-7
2-4 weeks8.4 lbs3 scoops3 fl oz5-7
4-8 weeks10.1 lbs4 scoops4 fl oz5-6
2-3 months 11.8 lbs5 scoops5 fl oz5
3-5 months13.4-15.9 lbs6 scoops6 fl oz5
6 months 16.8 lbs6 scoops 6 fl oz4
7-9 months 5 scoops5 fl oz4
9-12 months4 scoops4 fl oz3

So, after you go through this chart quickly you’ll very easily get an idea about how much you need to feed your baby. But every baby is different and the amount of food they take also varies. 

So, after a little while, you’ll understand the eating pattern of your baby yourself. According to that pattern, you can increase the amount of formula according to your baby’s needs. 

How to Make a 5oz Bottle of Formula for Your Newborns

There are mainly two kinds of infant formulas. They are: Powdered and ready to feed. 

Type 1: Powdered Formula

If you are trying to find something that’s a little bit on the side of budget this could be just the thing you are looking for. Because it is very much economical and also quite easy to use too. 

You just have to mix a little bit of water with it before using it. And another thing, you should make it right before using it as it’s not sterile. 

How to Prepare Powdered Formula For Your Baby

Powdered formula is the one that you have to prepare yourself. But don’t worry. It’s not that hard. Usually, this formula is prepared by using 2 ounces of water equivalent to the amount of powder you are using. Just follow the steps given below and you’ll understand much better. 

  • First of all, wash your hands. It’s always good to wash your hands before preparing formula for the baby. 
  • Then, add water to the bottle. The amount of water should be as many ounces as you wish to make. 
  • It is advised that you should use even numbers for the ounces of water you take. Like 4 ounces or 6 ounces. Because uneven numbers can sometimes create a little bit of issue and your formula would end up being over-concentrated or under concentrated. 
  • After you are done adding water to the bottle, you have to scoop your formula. To complete this process it is always a good idea to use a scoop that was provided with the container of the formula that you picked. 
  • After you are done with scooping just tap lightly on both sides of the canister to even things out. You certainly wouldn’t want everything to be jam-packed and also wouldn’t want them to be overflowing either. 

But how many scoops would you need? How many scoops of formula for 5 oz? Or how many scoops of formula for 6 oz? It is very normal for your mind to have questions like this.

Well, this depends completely on water. If you are using 2 ounces of water and want to make a 2 oz bottle of prepared formula then use 1 scoop of formula powder. 

Similarly, 4 oz bottle prepared formula needs 4 ounces of water and 2 scoops of formula powder, and a 6 oz bottle of formula needs 6-ounce water alongside 3 scoops of formula powder. 

But if you are making formula of an uneven number and wondering how to make a 5oz bottle of formula then the process is not much complicated either. You’ll just need to add 5 ounces of water and 2.5 scoops of powder to your bottle. 

After this is done, shake the bottle well and your formula is ready to use. Some formulas might be a little bit foamy but that’s completely fine. 

Type 2: Ready to Feed Formula

This type of formula milk already comes in liquid form and it is also sterile. So, you can use it directly from the bottle or carton it comes in. But the medium you are using to feed this milk needs to be sterilized so the baby doesn’t get any kinds of germs whatsoever. 

But unfortunately, this kind of formula also comes with an expensive price tag. So, if you are searching for something budget-friendly then the powdered formula would be much preferable for you. 

How Make Ready Concentrated Formula to Feed Your Baby

As I’ve said before, concentrated formulas can be used instantly and don’t need preparation. Just, pour them in a container and mix them with the same amount of water and you are good to go. 

The best part about this kind of formula is that you can store this for up to 24 hours and use it whenever you need it. Not like powdered ones which needed to be used immediately after preparation. 

Type-3 : Alternative Formula 

This kind of formula should only be used if the doctor prescribes them. You shouldn’t try to give them to your kid by yourself. That probably wouldn’t be the best idea. 

Only give this type of formula to your baby if an expert advises it. Some of these formulas include Anti-reflux (‘stay down) formula, Lactose-free formula, Hypoallergenic formula, Soya formula, Goat’s milk formula, Comfort formula, Formulas for babies older than 6 months, etc. 

If you are using the powder form of formula you need to prepare it before you can give it to the baby. The ready-to-feed or concentrated formula on the other hand can be fed instantly. 


What is the best formula milk?

First infant formula is probably the best option for your newborn and infant babies. Unless your doctor advised you to choose from some other available alternatives. 

What is formula milk made of?

Formula milk is made from cow’s milk and sometimes from goat’s milk. This milk is processed so that the babies can digest them. 

How long can you keep a bottle of milk?

If it’s powdered milk then you have to use it instantly. If it’s ready to feed milk then you could store it in your freeze but use it before 24 hours. 

What is the ratio of formula to water?

If it’s a concentrated formula then the ratio is 1:1. Ready to feed formula doesn’t need any water and the powdered formula is mixed with 2 ounces of water with each scoop of powder. 

How many scoops of the formula are 4oz? 

2 scoops of the formula are equivalent to 4oz of prepared formula. 

How much formula do I put in a 2 oz bottle?

1 scoop of powder can be used for every 2 ounces of water. This ratio is used almost everywhere around the globe. 


Having babies is probably one of the most beautiful experiences for a person. But having a baby means the parents have a responsibility towards them. Every parent wants their kid to have good health and proper nutrition. 

So, if you are new to parenting and get stuck with questions like how to make a bottle of 5oz formula then just go back to this article and you’ll find all the answers you are looking for regarding various types of formulas available in the market and their usage. 

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