How to Burp a Baby: 3 Best Burping Ways

As a parent, you should learn how to burp a baby and about burping. Because Burping is an important part of baby care which helps to make your baby feel comfortable and settle down.

how to burp a newborn baby
Burping a Baby on Shoulder

Through this content of mom candle, you will learn how to burp a baby and everything about it. So, read on this content.

What is Burping?

During feeding, babies often swallow little bubbles of air which are trapped in their stomach. These trapped airs make them feel uneasy and even lead to colic.

how to burp a newborn baby
Baby Burping

Burping is processed to release the air trapped in babies’ stomachs through their mouths.

Why do Babies need to be burped?

Babies can’t burp the trapped air by themselves because their digestive system is underdeveloped. So, you should make your baby burp during and after every feeding to get rid of that air.


how to burp a newborn baby
Feeding Baby Need to be Burped

When the air bubbles get stuck in babies stomach, they feel discomfort and full before completing their eating.

Burping helps to make space in your baby’s tummy so that she can feel comfortable and feed longer.

Burping is quite beneficial for those babies who suffer from colic, often spit up or who have symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Generally, it is believed that bottle-fed babies may need more burping than breastfed babies because they swallow more air during feeding. But it varies from baby to baby. Some babies need to burp several times while others need rarely. So, follow your baby’s cues.

Well, if you are bottle-feeding, to avoid frequent burping, you should choose a particular type of bottles which help your baby swallow less air.

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When do Babies Need to Be Burped?

The suitable time to make your baby burp is immediately after the feeding.

Burp your baby, if she seems like pull away, squirms or cries while feeding.

how to burp a newborn baby
Uncomfortable Feelings of the Baby

If you formula feed, try to burp her after every 2-3 ounces (60-90 milliliters) and if you breastfeed, then each time after feeding.

Moreover, if your baby has a gassy belly, gastroesophageal reflex, try to burp your baby after every ounce when formula feeding or after every 5 minutes when breastfeeding.


Don’t try to burp your baby if she seems content or falls asleep during or after a feeding.

Well, the good news for you is that, by 4 to 6 months old, your baby may not need to be burped after feeding because; by this time she will be a more efficient eater without swallowing the air bubbles.

Tips on How to Burp a Baby

Here are some burping tips which must help you to make your baby burp effectively.

  • Before making your baby burp, put a burping cloth or bib between your outfit and baby’s mouth to protect you and your baby’s cloth from incase spit-up. Don’t worry about spit up because it is natural and good for babies’ health.
  • Talk or sing softly to your baby while you are trying to burp her. Your soft voice will help her to relax and settle down and more co-operative to make burp.
  • Pat or rub your baby’s back gently. Gentle patting is worked for most babies while others need a slightly firmer hand.
  • If fussiness seems in the midway of feeding, then it may be for trapped air and try to check it through burping her.

3 Best Ways to Burp a Baby

There are various ways to burp a baby. But there are three best burping ways you can try – on your shoulder, sitting on your lap, face down on your lap which is parent tasted.

how to burp a newborn baby
3 Ways to Make a Baby Burp

You can find out the best suited, effective, and comfortable way of burping for your little one and you through the experiment of all three ways.

On your Shoulder

  • Hold your baby upright on your shoulder so that her chin is resting on your shoulder.
  • Support her head, neck, and body with one hand.
  • Pat or rub your baby’s back gently with your other hand.

Or when your baby has head and neck control, you can try the following alternative way to burp her.

  • Hold your baby upright on your shoulder as your shoulder lightly presses on her tummy.
  • Support her body with one hand.
  • Pat or rub her back with another hand gently.
  • Ensure your baby can breathe comfortably.
how to burp a newborn baby
Burping on Shoulder

Sitting on Your Lap

  • Make your little one sit on your lap facing away from you.
  • Support her body with one hand, the palm of your hand supports her chest and your fingers support her chin and jaw gently.
  • Ensure you are not placing your finger around her throat and she can breathe comfortably.
  • Lean your little one slightly forward and gently pat or rub her back with another hand.
how to burp a newborn baby
Burping by Sitting on the Lap

Face Down on Your Lap

  • Lay your little one face down on your lap as if she is lying across your knees.
  • Support her chin and jaw with one hand.
  • Keep her head higher than her chest to avoid blood rush to her head.
how to burp a newborn baby
Burping a Baby Face Down on Lap


Try any one way to burp your baby. If she doesn’t burp after a few minutes, try another way to burp her. If that doesn’t work, then you should stop because your baby may not need to be burped.

What should I do if my baby doesn’t Burp?

If your baby feels comfortable and seems content, then it’s okay, she doesn’t need to be burped. But if your baby seems obviously uncomfortable and fussy with trapped air and patting is not working, then, there are other ways you can try to help your baby.

  • Give her a gentle tummy massage with your fingertips around her belly button moving clockwise. Then, give her a warm bath.

These tricks will help your baby to release the trapped air bubbles and soothe her.

Final verdict:

Now, you are an expert parent on how to burp a baby. So, burp your baby on time and provide her great comfort to seize away all the discomfort caused by the trapped air bubbles.

Best of Luck.

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