Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds Review-2021- Best Baby Cotton Buds

I have already shared my review about some baby products of “Johnson’s & Johnson’s”. Well, today I will share my experience with “Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds” which are available with white paper sticks recently. I use Johnson’s  Baby Cotton Buds for my babies and for me. So, To know-how is the product worked, go through the review.

Johnson’s Baby Cotton Bud
Johnson’s Baby Cotton Bud

Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds Review-2021

Actually, I have been using   Johnson’s   Baby Cotton Buds for a long time for me and for my kids. Very recently, I have noticed a change in Johnson’s cotton buds, from blue plastic to white paper sticks. Obviously; it’s a green step to make the earth green.

Safe and Gentle

I, personally, don’t have any trouble to use changed cotton buds. I use Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds for my newborn ( Namro) who is 3 months now. This Cotton bud helps me to clean in between   Namro’s fingers & toes. With these cotton buds, I can easily clean these little and narrow parts of her body. For better cleansing, I just wet Johnson’s   Baby cotton buds with Johnson Baby Oil. In the same way, I clean Namro’s outer ear and snotty nose.

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I don’t have to worry about hurting her ears and nose because the shape of Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds are perfect that it won’t go too far to hurt Namro’s ears or nose.

For my son who is 6 now, I also use Johnson’s Baby Cotton buds. I clean his ears and snotty nose with these cotton buds.  He feels comfortable with these cotton buds because it is very gentle at his ears and nose.

Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds are safe and gentle for my babies & it does the same with me. I use it to clean my ears.  It gently cleanses my ears. Besides, sometimes I use these cotton buds to apply my eye makeup and it is worked well.

Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds are made from only 100% paper sticks and 100% pure cotton tips which is naturally absorbent and gentle.

Johnson’s Baby Cotton Bud
Johnson’s Baby Cotton Bud

So, this pure cotton buds must be gentle for your baby’s in between fingers, toes and around the eyes, nose or outer ear.

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Directions to use

Gently use to clean and dry in between your baby’s fingers, toes and around the eyes, nose or outer ear. It can also be used to apply the cream to blemishes. Gently use for you to apply and remove makeup especially eye make-up and clean around the eyes and outer ear.

Safety warning

Never insert a cotton bud into the inner ear or nose because improper use can cause injury. For external use only keep out of the reach of children.


  • 100% pure cotton
  • 100% paper sticks
  • Naturally absorbent and gentle.
Johnson’s Baby Cotton Bud
Johnson’s Baby Cotton Bud


It costs RS. 72 for 75 pieces. Which is quite affordable for safe and gentle cotton buds.


The packaging is nice and travel-friendly. It is also re-closable.


  • Gently cleanses baby’s fingers, toes, nose, and ears.
  • It is safer than regular cotton buds.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is handy to get the snot out.
  • Size and shape are perfect which don’t hurt the baby’s ears and nose.
  • Environment-friendly.


  • I don’t find any drawback.
Johnson’s Baby Cotton Bud
Johnson’s Baby Cotton Bud

My Rating



Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds are safe, gentle and effective for my babies as well as for me. Though it is made from paper sticks, it is still very durable and meets our needs properly. Above all, these cotton buds are plastic-free which is safe for babies. So, if you want such pure cotton buds for your baby’s ear care or other cares, then, I highly recommend you to use Johnson’s   Baby Cotton Buds not only for your baby but also for yourself. It must meet your needs.

Best of luck.

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