28 Best Food for Pregnant Woman to Ensures Healthy Baby & Mom

Are you worried about what kind of healthy pregnancy foods are right eating for you and your fetus in the womb? Don’t worry as I’m here to help you with a chart of the best food for pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, you can take these foods to get a healthy balanced diet, proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for the proper growth and development of your coming baby.

So, read on to know everything about it.

Best Food for Pregnant Woman

You should take these best healthy pregnancy foods for a healthy diet when you’re pregnant. These nutritious foods will ensure your good health for all time especially in pregnancy that will also help you to take care of your baby properly after birth.

Best Food for Pregnant Woman
Best Food for Pregnant Woman

They also will help you to decrease your risk of gestational diabetes and common birth complications in your pregnancy period.

I believe that my special chart will prove very beneficial for your healthy pregnancy diet. So, let’s know all about the best food for pregnant woman:


Eggs are a versatile food that provides high protein, low calorie, and various types of omega-fatty acids to everybody. They are also a good source of folic acid, chlorine, and iron.

During pregnancy, you should eat at least two eggs each day from which you will get half of the need for chlorine. Chlorine also helps your child’s brain and healthy development properly.

Moreover, protein and iron-rich in the egg help to increase your baby’s weight during birth.

Healthy pregnancy foods

Dairy Products

Dairy products are a high source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin-A, B, D, and E for supporting the strong and healthy bones of your baby.

They are milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. The benefits of these dairy products in pregnancy are given below:


According to the United States Department of Agriculture, “Pregnant women should consume three cups of milk each day for calcium, protein and vitamin D to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy”.

Moreover, milk is rich in amino acids and fatty acids that are very important for the healthy tissue of your fetus.

Besides, the consumption of plenty of milk during pregnancy helps to decrease the risk of your baby’s premature birth and neonatal death.

Healthy pregnancy foods
Traditional milk bottle with a glass full


Yogurt is an excellent source of folic acid, vitamins which essential for the formation of your baby’s brain and body. You can take 1 cup of yogurt or ¾ low fat- yogurts daily.

Because, it aids you to get appropriate protein, vitamins, and minerals for your healthy baby.


Healthy pregnancy foods


Cheeses are the best healthy pregnancy foods. It is a great source of protein and vitamin B. It helps to fulfill your daily nutritional requirements and supports the improvement of your baby properly.

But all types of cheeses are not safe for your baby.

You can consume hard cheeses that are regarded as safe during pregnancy. They are usually made from pasteurized milk which helps to get rid of the danger of any bacteria being present.

Moreover, you can also eat processed soft cheeses made from pasteurized milk. Cottage cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella, and ricotta are included in this category.

Healthy pregnancy foods

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are a high source of folic acid fiber, vitamins, and minerals which helps to reduce birth defects and also aids to control your blood pressure.

Leafy vegetables are enriched with beta carotene that is beneficial for the tissue and cell development of your baby in your womb.

You can include these leafy vegetables in your diet during pregnancy. Such as:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pumpkin
  • Broccoli
  • Avocados
  • Spinach
  • Cucumbers
  • Lima beans
  • Artichokes
Healthy pregnancy foods
Leafy vegetables

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are great nutritious food for you and your baby during pregnancy. Sweet potatoes are rich in folic acid, fiber, and vitamin C which will reduce blood sugar spikes and increase your fullness.

They also supply a lot of potassium for growing your baby properly.

Generally, you can eat potatoes by boiling and cooking as a vegetable. Sweet potatoes can change in different colors such as red, orange, and yellow from carotenoids that give vitamin A to your growing baby.

Vitamin A is very important during pregnancy which helps for the growth and the differentiation of most cells and tissues of your baby.

Healthy pregnancy foods
Sweet potatoes


Beans are the Fabaceae family which is regarded as legumes. They are a good source of iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and folic acid which helps to the strength of your immune system.

Besides, beans activate your digestive processes and prevention of kidney stones very effectively during pregnancy.

You can eat beans from the first weeks of pregnancy to assist you in getting rid of the morning sickness.

Moreover, you can get plenty of protein and fiber from beans that relieve you from common complications in pregnancy. Some kinds of beans are including here:

  • Soybeans
  • Black beans
  • Black-eyed beans
  • Red beans
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Navy beans
Healthy pregnancy foods


Broccoli is full of nutrients, antioxidants,s and phytochemicals which help to get rid of you and your baby from cancer during pregnancy.

You should eat broccoli as all the essential nutrients including zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, and fiber.

They aid in the forming of healthy bones of your baby. It also contains plenty of vitamins such as- A, B, E, and k which are better for your skin.

Moreover, broccoli is enriched with the component of selenium and beta-carotene that saves you from any infections and helps to improve your immune system.

Healthy pregnancy foods


Avocados are a super nutritious food that contains high dietary fiber, monounsaturated fats, and antioxidants.  These elements play a vital role in the growth of your fetus and its proper development. Folic acid rich in Avocado helps to ensure the healthy growth of your baby’s organs.

Moreover, Avocados are an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and tone of other minerals which provide nutrition for you and your growing baby. Avocado contains chlorine, one of the key requirements, ensures proper brain development of your fetus.

A single serving of Avocado has about 22 mg of chlorine. It helps to remove you from morning sickness and extreme tiredness during pregnancy.


Healthy pregnancy foods


Pumpkins are a highly nutritious food that provides nutrition for you and it is also good for your growing fetus during pregnancy. They are rich in high protein and fiber that helps in keeping constipation at bay in pregnancy.

You can consume 100 grams of pumpkins each day as pumpkins are also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B 6, C, iron, and zinc.

Pumpkins seeds are extremely beneficial for your heart and your baby’s bones and teeth. They help to control the insulin level of your body and prevent diabetes in pregnancy.


Healthy pregnancy foods


Carrot is rich in vitamin A. It aids to keep your intestine function well. It helps to keep your skin, hair, eye, and bone health.

Healthy pregnancy foods

 Whole Grains

Whole grains are the best healthy pregnancy foods during your pregnancy. It contains plenty of nutrients such as iron, selenium, and magnesium.

They are also a good source of vitamin B, folic acid that helps for growing your baby properly. Whole grains are like whole-grain cereal, whole wheat, whole wheat bread, brown rice, rice cakes, whole-grain hamburger which contains most of the vitamins and nutrients.

Whole grains are enriched with a lot of fiber that helps to prevent common complexities like constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

So, you should consume about servings of grains daily in pregnancy. It supplies more energy and aids your digestion process and also helps for your baby’s proper development.


Healthy pregnancy foods
Whole grains


Pasta is made by whole wheat grain that is full of nutrients if it made with the right process. It contains a lot of fiber which supports preventing common pregnancy problems like constipation and hemorrhoids.

Moreover, folic acid and iron are rich in whole wheat pasta that helps the brain development of your baby. It also helps to keep blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels normal.

Especially, the whole grains pasta reduces your risk of heart disease and gestational diabetes during pregnancy.


Healthy pregnancy foods
Roasted Vegetable Pasta


Do you know that popcorn is a highly nutritious food? As fiber, selenium, and antioxidant is enriched in popcorn it helps in the formation of the skeleton of your baby in the time of pregnancy.

So, you can consume popcorn at any time when you feel hungry. But you should avoid artificial flavor popcorn that may cause great harm to you and your baby.


Healthy pregnancy foods


Oatmeal is full of nutrition such as protein, minerals, copper, and iron. Fiber is rich in oatmeal which is extremely beneficial for your liver.

Therefore, you should eat oatmeal as it reduces vomiting and gastrointestinal problems when you are going through a pregnancy.


Healthy pregnancy foods


Chives contain high beneficial nutrients like protein, vitamin K, C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus which help to improve bone health and protect the heart of your unborn baby.

During pregnancy, Chives are an excellent source of folic acid that helps in the brain development of your fetus in your womb.

Moreover, chives help to improve your sleep and reduce the risk of birth defects.

“He, who bears chives on his breath, is safe from being kissed to death.” (Marcus Valerius Martialis)


Healthy pregnancy foods

Nuts and Nut Butters

Nuts are healthy and highly nutritious food. They contain Zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, etc. Fat is essential for a baby’s brain development. Nuts are a high source of fat and calories too.

Moreover, protein, fiber, and minerals are found in nuts butter that helps to reduce the risk of a premature baby and also aids the development of your baby’s nervous system.

You can consume peanut butter that can reduce the nut allergies in the growing fetus. It contains healthy fats, proteins, and folic acids that help to grow your baby properly during pregnancy.


Healthy pregnancy foods
Nuts and nut butter


During pregnancy, drinking water is very essential for increasing your blood pressure. It is also important for you to stay properly hydrated.

Drinking water helps you to free yourself from your common complications like constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy. To keep your fluid levels balanced, you should drink at least 8-10 glasses of pure drinking water each day.

Moreover, you can get water from other foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Healthy pregnancy food
glass of water

Lean Meat

Lean meat is a great source of protein that aids to improve your baby’s cell and muscle properly. So, you can eat beef, chicken that is enriched with iron and chlorine and very beneficial during pregnancy.

Usually, your blood pressure increases during pregnancy. That’s for, every day, you need up to 27 milligrams of iron.

Iron in meat helps to reduce the risk of premature delivery and low birth weight.

Moreover, vitamin B 6 rich in lean meat that helps your baby’s brain development and tissue aptly.

Healthy pregnancy foods
Lean meat


Tamarind is a good source of vitamin B3, 4 which helps to improve the nerve, brain, and digestion of your baby. You get 10% vitamin from tamarind each day if you take it. Iron and mineral are rich in tamarind.

They help to reduce the risk of premature birth and low birth weight of your fetus in pregnancy.

Moreover, tamarind is a natural solution to morning sickness if you suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy.

It also contains potassium and lactic acid that controls your sugar levels and aids to prevent diabetes.


Healthy pregnancy foods
tamarind fruit


Fishes are excellent healthy pregnancy foods. It is a  source of high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids that promote the health, brain, and eye development of your baby.

Especially, salmon fish is rich in protein and vitamin B which helps to reduce the risk of birth defects during pregnancy.

You should cook fish before consuming it and avoid having it raw as it can increase many infections of you and harm your fetus in pregnancy.

Healthy pregnancy foods


Oranges are full of nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and folic acid. All these vitamins improve the forming of a strong immune system and strengthening the brain development of your fetus in your womb.

In pregnancy, plenty of sodium and potassium-rich oranges helps to maintain the balance of fluid levels of your body and also aids to control your blood pressure.

Moreover, oranges are also high in fiber requirement which supports the blood cells, the growth of new tissues and helps to relieve stomach problems and abnormalities in the fetus.

You can consume 2 glasses of pasteurized orange juice each day that aids in the bone development of your baby.

Healthy pregnancy foods


Guava is an excellent source of vitamin A, C which helps to improve your immune system. It aids to control your high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Moreover, folic acid-rich in guava is very essential for your baby’s brain and nervous system.

Healthy pregnancy foods


Bananas are a high source of energy. You should eat most of the bananas each day during pregnancy.

Bananas are rich in potassium helps to reduce water retinitis and maintaining a healthy fluid balance.

Healthy pregnancy foods


Berries contain a lot of vitamin C which is very essential for your skin and immune system.

They’re an excellent source of water, fiber, and antioxidants that aids to keep your fluid levels balanced during pregnancy.

Healthy pregnancy foods


Tofu is a source of high protein and folic acid. It is also enriched in calcium, iron, vitamin A and K helps to control your blood pressure during pregnancy.



Healthy pregnancy foods



Plus figs are a great source of iron that increases your blood volume and aids to produce a lot of red blood cells of your fetus.

You can consume stewed figs every day. As 3-milligram iron is found in figs.

Besides, figs are rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus which is very beneficial for forming 32 teeth below the gums in your unborn baby’s mouth.

Vitamin K remains in figs helps to make your baby’s bone development properly.

Healthy pregnancy foods

Final verdict

I am confident enough that now you know everything about the best food for pregnant women & can feel how beneficial these foods are for your healthy pregnancy diet. So, you can keep above these nutritious foods in your daily food chart.

Actually, your healthy diet is a very important part of your healthy lifestyle all the time, especially during pregnancy and for your coming baby.

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