Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap Review 2021 Best Baby Soap

I use Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap for my baby girl because it is enriched with milk proteins, vitamin A and vitamin E. I choose this best baby soap is for her because I always get a good result from Johnson’s baby products.

One more thing, I have been using Johnson’s baby soap for my first baby boy (who is 6 now) from day 1 and it is very effective.

So, I have a good trust in Johnson’s baby products.


Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap Review 2021-Best Baby Soap

Actually, my husband went to the supermarket to buy ‘Johnson’s baby soap’. But when he saw ‘Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap’ which is enriched with milk protein and vitamin A&E, then he bought it for our newborn.

I use ‘Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap’ from Day 1 for my baby’s bath. This soap is very mild as it cleanses my baby’s skin gently without drying.

It leaves her skin soft and supple with moisturizing. This soap gives her a sweet mild fragrance which I like very much. My baby girl doesn’t get any allergies by using this soap. It keeps her skin healthy. But I have to be conscious when I use it for my baby’s face to avoid the soap getting into the eyes because it makes her cry a lot.

Best Baby Soap

Johnson’s Baby Milk soap has natural milk extract, vitamin A vitamin E. That keeps the baby’s skin soft and supple. This soap restocks babies’ skin with moisture that they lost due to cleaning. It is very mild soap as it gently cleanses the baby’s sensitive skin without drying.

This soap claims that it helps to retain the skin’s natural microbial flora which is effective to maintain the baby’s temperature and moisture. It also protects the baby’s skin from allergies to keep healthy which is very important for babies growing time.

Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap is free from harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, SLS& Alcohol.


Though it is for my baby, sometimes, I use it for myself when I need a mild cleanser. It is also gentle with my skin as my skin is a normal type. I like its soft sweet smell on my body. So if you need a mild soap, you can also use it for yourself. If your skin is a normal type, it suits you well.  This soap is very effective for sensitive skin too.

 Directions to use:

  • Wet your baby’s face and body with Luke warm water.
  • Lather on your hand or washcloth and gently apply on the baby’s skin.
  • Rinse off the baby’s skin properly with lukewarm water.

Key Ingredients of Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap:

The key ingredients of this soap are –

  • Water
  • Mineral oil
  • Glycerin
  • Milk protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Fragrance


The lifetime of this soap is 2 years from its manufacturing date.

Price & Quality:

It costs RS.45 for 75g which is reasonable.

Skin type:

The soap can be used for all the babies’ skin types as it is mild and gentle to the skin.


This milk soap is milk-white in the color that comes in a cardboard case being wrapped in a plastic packet to maintain its quality.



  • Easily available in all general and medical stores.
  • Enriched with natural Milk Extract& Vitamin A&E.
  • Cleanses skin gently without drying.
  • Keeps skin soft and supple with moisturizing.
  • Its mildness is clinically proven.
  • Protects baby’s delicate skin from allergies.
  • It has a very mild fragrance which is very good with babies.


  • You have to use it for the baby’s face consciously to avoid getting into the eyes.

My rating:



Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap is very safe for babies’ sensitive skin because it is a mild & gentle cleanser. It is free of harmful ingredients. It makes my baby’s bath enjoyable and gives her protection from allergy. So, if you want to ensure your baby’s bath safe and enjoyable, then, I will highly suggest you try this one for your baby.

(Best of luck)

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