Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash Review 2021- Best Baby Body Wash

Using of Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash, best baby body wash, for taking care of my newborn (Namro) is wonderful because it is a super mild and gentle cleanser. Namro is 5 months now.

Before this baby wash, I used Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap for Namro because I had no idea about Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash. This milk soap is mild but I had to be over conscious to use it on her face. I tried to avoid getting the soap in her eyes, but sometimes I failed.

This failure made my newborn cry a lot. This was really painful for me.

Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash
Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash

Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash Review 2020

However, after some days, I got Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash as a gift for Namro. I notice that there is “no more tears” logo on the bottle. It is also milder than any soap and hypoallergenic.

Besides, this baby wash can be used for baby’s entire body including hair. So, I can apply it for my baby’s head to toe.

As  Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash is milder than soap and ‘no more tears’ logo exists, I use it for Namro. As I use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for hair care of Namro, I use ‘Top to Toe’ for her face and body.

This baby wash cleanses her body and face gently without drying and irritation. Now she doesn’t cry when I apply   Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash for her face.

This baby wash is really milder than any soap. It leaves Namro’s skin soft and supple after her bath.

Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash
Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash

This baby wash doesn’t sting to the eyes like soap. I myself got the probe by using it to my eyes before using it for my newborn. But a little burning sensation is felt which is tolerable. It has a very soft scent and I love it.

Best Baby Body Wash

Babies’ skin is 10 times more sensitive than adults’.So we should choose such a baby body wash which is a super mild and gentle cleanser.

Besides, the best baby body wash has some characteristics as –

  • Tear-free
  • Harmful chemical-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • lightly scented
  • Good value

“Johnson’s top to toe baby wash” has all these above characteristics like –

  • Johnson’s top to toe baby wash does not sting to the babies’ eyes like soap. Because no more tears’ formula is gentle to babies’ eyes.
  • Free from harmful chemicals like ‘paraben’ ‘phthalates’ ‘1, 4- dioxane,’ ‘quanternium-15’.
  • Hypoallergenic and free from soap.
  • It has a mild fragrance which is very good with babies.
  • Top-to-Toe baby wash is affordable for all consumers

For all these qualities, I choose ‘Johnson’s Top to toe baby wash’ for my newborn.

Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash
Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash

It is the best baby body wash according to its qualities. So, it is gentle enough to use for your baby from the first day in the world because it is harmful chemical-free, hypoallergenic and super mild.

When we go for a trip, I just take “Top to toe baby wash” for us because it is a good shampoo, body wash and face wash in one.

Sometimes, I use the “top to toe” to wash my face and body. Unbelievable!!  It gently cleanses my face and body without drying and leaves it soft.

It is very mild and gentle for my skin. Now you can imagine how mild the baby wash is for your baby’s delicate skin!!!

My lovely little girl feels comfortable with this baby wash. But I face a problem is that I have to use more and more water to wash the liquid from her body. However, I don’t mind it.

Directions to use:

Wet your baby’s hair and body with warm water. Pour baby wash on your hand or washcloth, gently apply on hair and body, then rinse off with plain warm water.


Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 sorbitan laurate, sodium Laureth sulfate, sodium lauroamphoacetate, PEG-150 distearate, Tetrasodium EDTA, fragrance, methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazo in one, citric acid.

Price and Quantity:

IT costs you Rs.42 for 100 ml. that is affordable for all buyers.

Shell time:

This baby body wash can be used for 3 years from its manufacturing date.


The packaging of this baby wash is not attractive. It can be found in an unclean plastic bottle with a light yellow lid. The baby wash is almost like water.

As it is designed for a newborn, its container could be something like Mickey Mouse shape or other nice shapes.

The pretty shape of the container may arise smile at the face of mom as well as a baby.

Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash
Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash

Pros of Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash:

  • It is milder than any soap.
  • Can be used for hair and entire body.
  • Cleanses baby’s hair and body gently without drying.
  • Has soft baby fragrance.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • You get 3(shampoo, body wash, face wash) in 1 which is helpful while traveling.

 Cons of Johnson’s Top to Toe Baby Wash:

  • A little initiating sensation is felt to the eyes which is tolerable.
  • To rinse the foam you need to use more water.
  • The packaging is not so pretty for a newborn.

My rating:



I am using “Johnson’s top to toe baby wash” for my sweet little girl, Namro. It cleanses her delicate skin gently without drying and irritating.This baby wash is used for Namro only for its high quality. So, if you are a conscious parent and looking for the best quality baby body wash for your baby, then, I can recommend you “Johnson top to toe baby wash”.

Undoubtedly this baby wash will make your baby’s bath enjoyable and gently cleanses her entire body with moisturizing.

(Best of luck)

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